“Urban Environment and Health”. Evaluation and updating of the online Guide

Entorn urbà i salut spora
Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Communication, New technologies, Sustainability

The “Urban Environment and Health” project, promoted by the Council of Barcelona, ​​aims to create urban environments that encourage people to live healthily and to minimize the environmental factors that can pose health risks for those people living in it.

The project has created a guide that includes:

– Data on existing scientific evidence linking the characteristics of the physical environment in which people live and certain health indicators.
– Proposals and recommendations to be considered at any stage of planning or design elements of the environment.
– References / experiences where you are applying the proposed recommendations, or similar features.
– Regulations and References.

Spora has developed a diagnoses ans has elaborated operational proposals in order to improve the guide, which have led to a revision of its contents.

Here you have it (the Council of Barcelona edits it in Catalan language):