Training of trainers on gender equality in the work place.

Formació Respecta'm
Scope: GenderCategories: Prevenció, violència masclista


In the framework of the implementation of the Respecta’m campaign, the City Council of Tarragona requests Spora Sinergies to implement a 16-hour training course about gender equality with the representatives of business companies that have been assigned to the campaign. The aim of the training is that the participants are able to replicate the information within their companies.


This formation about ​​gender equality in the workplace is a theoretical-practical training and is structured in 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to equal opportunities between women and men.
  • Module 2: tools to reverse gender inequalities in the private sector: how to develop an equality plan for the organization?
  • Module 3: Tools to prevent sexist behaviours, situations of harassment and discrimination: how to develop a gender-based harassment protocol?
  • Module 4: Inclusive and non-sexist communication

In addition to face-to-face sessions, we have produced a manual for each of the four training modules. These manuals include all the slides of the training and are intended to accompany the description of the theoretical and practical contents of the module, to facilitate the participations the replication of the training.