Trained Today To Train Tomorrow

Portada TTT-2
Scope: Health, EconomiesCategories: Mental Health

Training of trainers for people with mental health problems on the topics: “Leadership and Empowerment” and “How to set-up users’ associations”.

Due to the method of training of trainers, besides the twenty persons formed as trainers during the project, another four hundred and eighty persons will benefit of training on the topics mentioned above during different activities.

The partners involved in the project cooperate for the creation of a website designed to inform people on the importance of empowerment and to provide information to the leaders of users in order to create or develop users’ associations. The partners also work together for the creation of two specific brochures, for campaigns organized in the five countries of the project. The twenty trainees cooperate in creation of two manuals of the trainings and the six expert trainers that lead the training of trainers have cooperated in order to create a coherent training plan for the training of trainers.