The situation of women in freestyle rap battles

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Scope: Ciutat, GenderCategories: Cultura, Gender, Igualtat


Freestyle battles and improvised rap are a scenario in which gender differences and inequality and discrimination against women are clearly visible. These cultural spaces are crossed by a vision of masculinity focus on the “male” dominant and, as a result, are spaces very masculinized, with a constant invisibilización of the women who participate. Promoting equal opportunities between men and women and the recognition of women in the freestyle battles requires an analysis of the itineraries and contexts that freestylers live: from the squares to the stage.


Sensitive to this problem, Red Bull order a study about the situation of women in freestyle battles in order to reverse this situation of discrimination against women. As a result of this study, we have developed a work plan and action proposals that involve the different actors of the freestyle scene in their commitment to transform this reality.