Structure and quality of the Catalan Health Service portfolio

Scope: HealthCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, Mental Health


Attending and responding to the health needs of the citizens is a fundamental right of welfare societies. Health needs are something that changes over time and require different actions to be taken. The Health Services Portfolio is the set of activities and services that are provided to the citizens throughout the Catalan territory.

The Catalan Agency for Health Assessment and Quality contract with Spora to carry out a qualitative prospecting on how the Health Services Portfolio must be operationalized in order to guarantee the rights of the citizen? To be able to adapt to the specifics of the region? To be able to generate an equitable and sustainable health system?


Spora creates a report for different levels of management (micromanagement, mesomanagement and macromanagement) of the Health Services Portfolio. The report shows the current situation of the Portfolio of health services and which avenues, strategies and consensus should be generate to operate it.