Support for the Model of Attention to Sexual and Reproductive Health of Catalonia review

Scope: Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, planificació estratègica, Salut afectiva-sexual i reproductiva


From the General Directorate of Health Planning and Research, of the Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Health, it is proposed to review the current sexual and reproductive health attention policy to align it with the priorities of the Health Plan of Catalonia 2021 -2025. For this, it is necessary to launch a consultative process to explore the different contributions, recommendations and trends around the current model of sexual and reproductive health care, incorporating the perspective of affective-sexual and gender diversity.


To respond to this challenge, has been carried out a review of the available documentation from a gender and sexual diversity perspective, with the aim of detecting and amending possible discriminatory discourses and practices and adapting the documents to the current regulatory framework and strategic international policies this area.

In parallel, a consultative process has been launched based on focus groups and in-depth interviews to collect the ideas, proposals and consensus of each strategic line for a new model of care for affective, sexual health and reproductive. The strategic lines worked during this process have been: Attention in the voluntary interruption of pregnancy; Attention to assisted human reproduction; Attention to trans people; Perinatal mental health care; Improving access to contraception; Improvement in the quality of delivery care; Health care for people in a situation of sexist violence; Attention to STIs and HIV; Interventions on healthy habits and affective, sexual and reproductive health in prioritized population groups; Attention to endometriosis.

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