Support and advice for the design of a campaign to prevent gender-based violence and LGTBI-phobic

Scope: Gender, Rights and diversityCategories: Gender, LGBTI, violència masclista

The Campaign for the prevention and awareness against sexist and LGTBI-phobic violence “Sexism in rejection” is an initiative of the Mancomunitat de la Plana and all the municipalities that are part of it with the aim of raising awareness among citizens by questioning and make it part of the change that needs to be promoted as a society so that relations between people are free from discrimination.

This has been done through a participatory process, facilitated by Spora Sinèrgies in which technical staff, elected officials and women representatives of the feminist and women’s associational fabric of the territory have participated. One of the main assets of the methodology used has been to have a graphic designer -Odile Cabrantes- who has participated from the beginning in the whole process ( The fact that this professional has been present in the process has contributed to the graphic media reflecting more reliably what the participants have considered important. Conversely, having the knowledge of the graphic and artistic part from the beginning has enriched the concretion of the messages and their associated representations.

Spora has led and coordinated the co-design process of the campaign with the different agents involved:

  • Providing a starting point that facilitates the start of the process and establishes a common and shared basis between all the agents involved.
  • Invigorating the process through which the specific contents of the campaign have been generated.
  • Designing the graphic results of the campaign, with a main slogan and different messages or by-products grouped according to the three types of violence that the campaign wanted to influence: everyday sexism, LGTBIphobia and sexual violence.

Technical referents of equality from the Mancomunitat de La Plana, other technical referents from the different municipalities of the territory and citizens of the territory have also taken part in this process.

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