Service standards in relation to adolescents and gender-based violence

estandards adolescents violència masclista
Scope: GenderCategories: intersectoral coordination, Childhood and Youth, LGBTI, violència masclista

The service standards in relation to adolescents represent a set of criteria and orientations and in the approach of the gender-based violence against women in young groups. ‘Gender-based violence’ means all forms and spheres of violence against women enshrined in Law 5/2008, as well as the violence that may be experienced by LGBTI groups on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, on people between 12 and 17 years.

This document is part of Chapter 7 of the Framework Protocol for a coordinated intervention against gender-based violence (2009), which sets out the criteria for action that should be applicable to any intervention in violence against women, including common standards as well as specific standards to specific cases such as cases of sexual violence, situations of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, forced marriages, or gender-based violence in adolescents.

The elaboration of the service standards in relation to adolescents is part of the action of the Interinstitutional Working Group for the approach to gender-based violence in adolescents, ascribed and approved by the National Commission for a Coordinated Intervention against Gender-Based Violence in Catalonia (Spain). For the elaboration of this document, a group of expert people, professionals with long experience in tackling gender-based violence with young people from different fields of activity, services and entities, have participated. There has also been the participation of young people from the 3rd ESO of the 2015 promotion of the Joan Salvat Papasseit Institute in Barcelona, ​​who intervened in a discussion group and contributed their experience and reality.