[Guideline] Safer Nightlife Projects DC&D

safer nightlife
Scope: HealthCategories: Communication, Drugs and Addictions, Research & Evaluación

A European proposition to promote evaluation and share good practices.

The Democracy, Cities and Drugs (DC&D) network is the alliance of an association of 300 European cities with organizations stemming from European civil society networks. This alliance aims to promote local and integrated responses to the drug phenomenon. The programme intends to support local partnerships and to set up a sustainable network of exchange of know-how.

The DC&DII Safer Nightlife partners elaborated this guideline to share information, knowledge and tools to promote the evaluation of Safer Nightlife programmes, to improve the existing ones and to help new projects include these evaluation issues from the start.

This guideline is linked with the Digital Library of the DC&D Safer Nightlife project where a variety of documents, tools and reports from the DC&D partners are available on-line to illustrate and complement the topics and examples proposed in this document.