Evaluation of the law of effective equality of women and men of Catalonia

Scope: Gender, Rights and diversityCategories: Gender


In order to assess the impact of Law 17/2015 on the effective equality of women and men in Catalonia, Ivàlua is developing a theory of change that allows the expected results of an intervention to be specified and the hypotheses, assumptions and risks underlying them.

In this case, elaborating the theory of change is useful to understand what the Law wanted to change, what resources and actions it proposed and what outcomes it sought to obtain. In this way it is possible to describe how the Law provided for inducing changes and social transformations in the different areas and spaces considered relevant.


In order to be able to access to know which interventions have been deployed as a result of the Equality Law 17/2015 and in which contexts, a qualitative and quantitative analysis is carried out. Specifically, Spora develop the qualitative analysis with the different key agents that can bring out the outcomes that the law intended to achieve and those that it has achieved in different relevant areas of implementation.

Foto: Tim Mossholder