Tackling Gender-based Violence in Sant Pere de Ribes. Municipal Protocol and Professional Network

Scope: GenderCategories: intersectoral coordination, violència masclista

The municipal protocol for tackling gender-based violence in Sant Pere de Ribes establishes guidelines and procedures for a coordinated and quality professional intervention in the local tackling of gender-based violence situations. The goals of the protocol and the professional network are:

  • Providing a unified, coordinated and appropriate response to the different situations that may arise in addressing gender-based violence.
  • Improving the quality of the public services response to situations of violence against women, avoiding the duplication of interventions and the subsequent secondary victimization of women.
  • Setting a minimum of intervention criteria to ensure the speed and quality of interventions and the flow of information between professionals and services which are involved, always respecting the decisions of women and their autonomy.
  • Defining the responsibilities and limitations of the intervention of each of the services involved.

The methodology used to establish the Professional Network follows our method named Synergies Circuit, which raises a number of levels of management and intervention, and differentiating roles and functions. It is centered on three different bodies that allow the articulation of all the stakeholders involved on violence against women: the Institutional Board, the Technical Committee and the Technical Ring.