Scope: Ciutat, Gender, Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Cultura


Prototyp_ome (2015-2017) was an interdisciplinary biology collaboratory of DIY/DIWO biology, promoted by Hangar and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, with the aim of producing knowledge collectively and exploring the transfer of processes and methodologies. between artistic and scientific research from the perspective of the user and not of the institutions.

Hangar, one of the organizations that make up the collaboration, wants to know what the impacts of the project, assess the extent of the actions carried out and explore what changes have taken place in artists, scientists and beneficiaries of the project.


Through the application of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies that included the documentary analysis of the bases of the project, individual interviews with the project managers and a focus group and questionnaire aimed at artists, scientists and beneficiaries the process and result indicators provided in the project design were answered, such as:

  • Create an interdisciplinary, participatory and open space (Collaborative) to share knowledge and experiences, as well as generate critical perspectives in the field of biological research.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary artistic and scientific experimentation, as well as the collaborative production of knowledge, processes and tools for biological exploration.
  • Promote spaces and actions of awareness, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experiences to facilitate the access of the population to the knowledge, processes and tools of bioexploration and diagnosis generated.