Participatory Budgeting, Dossier Nº1. Project “Another City is possible! Alternatives to the city as a commodity”

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Scope: Urban PlanningCategories: Food Culture, Gender, Elderly, Immigration, Childhood and Youth, Citizenship Participation, Local development plans, Participatory Budgeting, Research & Evaluación, Mental Health, Sustainability

Launching the series Another City is possible! Alternatives to the city as a commodity with a dossier on Participatory Budgeting is no accident: our central argument is that PB, implemented in over 2000 cities in the world, is the practice that connects best with other alternatives to radically transform the way cities are ill produced and achieve systemic changes. PB seems the most promising avenue that leads to “another possible city” and that contributes to turn into reality the ideals of “the Right to the City”. The next dossiers to come are far from exhaustive accounts of the multiple ways through which people actually build everyday possible and liveable cities. However each one of them corresponds to some of the most promising ones and no doubt many more should be added.

Dossiers of the series Another City is possible! Alternatives to the city as a commodity : 1. Participatory Budgeting; 2. Alternatives to forced evictions for staying in place; 3. Housing and Employment cooperatives; 4. Community Land Trusts; 5. Complementary and local currencies; 6. Urban and peri-urban Agriculture for food sovereignty; 7. To be defined…; 8. To be defined…

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Cabannes, Y, Delgado, C (Ed), Participatory Budgeting, Dossier Nº 1, (2015:3), Another city is possible! Alternatives to the city as a commodity series, 230 pages, Lisbon, (c) Creative Commons

Spora, together with other associated organizations from Europe, Africa, America and Asia, will coordinate throughout the coming years the collective efforts that will be invested in the dossiers, but also in the actions of training, production and diffusion of knowledge on radical alternatives, as well as in the local projects that will be developed to reinforce the bridges among them.