PADRIS Qualitative analysis

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Scope: HealthCategories: Research & Evaluación


The Data Analysis Program for Health Research and Innovation (PADRIS) has the mission of making available to the scientific community the related health data to promote research, innovation, and evaluation in health through access to the reuse and crossing of health data generated by the comprehensive health system for public use of Catalonia (SISCAT), in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework, the ethical principles and transparency towards the citizens of the program.

AQuAS is responsible for analyzing the operation of PADRIS and setting out the main assessments, opinions, and perceptions towards the previous stages of the program, its current operation, identifying improvements or encouraging and increasing the positive dynamics around the program: active participation, internal cohesion, and internal / external alignment…


A qualitative analysis of the functioning of PADRIS is carried out focusing in the meaning of PADRIS and its relationship with the sanitary ecosystem. It also analyzes the relationship between the program and the projects it develops, the operation of the data value chain and the relationship between PADRIS and its resources. Finally, a compilation of the main conclusions and development proposals is prepared.

To carry out this qualitative analysis, focus groups and individual interviews are carried out with different key agents in the healthcare ecosystem in which the PADRIS program is part. Specifically, it analyzes the perceptions, assessments, and knowledge of the PADRIS target entities, the members of the PADRIS Operational Committee, the Advisory Board, the PADRIS Supervisory Committee and the PADRIS team.