High Pyrenees and Aran: Professional networking for tackling gender violence

Taula institucional del Circuit per a l'abordatge de la violènc
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The Catalan Government, through the Catalan Institute of Women, promotes the development of several territorial networking circuits in order to tackle gender violence in Catalonia.

The different Catalan territories must have their own itineraries in order to assist those women who suffer this kind of violence. This itineraries must be closely coordinated among their several levels: city, county and country. That is the reason why, at the beginning of 2009, Spora starts working in order to establish Networking Circuit of the High Pyrenees and Aran to Tackle Gender Violence.


1. To contribute to the eradication of gender violence in the High Pyrenees and Aran from an intervention model which places women as active subjects.
2. To give an integrated and satisfactory social and institutional response to those women affected by gender violence.
3. To establish a coordinated regional network in order to ensure the development and improvement of an intervention model, minimizing secondary victimization of women in situations of gender violence.