Methodological support to the “Temps x Cures” program

Scope: EconomiesCategories: Corresponsabilitat, Economia de la Cura, Gender, Serveis de cura infantil


The Department of Equality and Feminism of the Generalitat de Catalunya is launching a new policy, “Temps x Cures” with funding from the “Plan Corresponsables”, whose priority is to advance towards the consolidation of the childcare rights. Likewise, its objectives are to respond to the time needs of responsible adults (especially women) and to create quality employment in this sector. To do this, it is necessary to define the general contents and conceptual aspects that a childcare services policy must have, define its operational aspects and identify good practices regarding the provision of childcare services.


To define the model of this public policy, a collaborative and consultative work with experts in the field of care is proposed, from different views and positions (professionals, associations, academia, administration, etc.). The synthesis of the ideas and proposals collected during this work will serve to inform the main conceptual and operational aspects that a childcare service provision model must have.The work carried out has been deployed in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Work sessions with experts, with the aim of defining the theoretical framework and general contents of a childcare policy, defining the operational aspects of the policy and collecting good practices that can serve as a reference.
  • Phase 2: Deepening, with the objective of carrying out a documentary review and expanding on the most relevant issues for the consolidation of the right to care and the service provision model, through interviews with associations and key agents.

Foto de Diana Polekhina