Methodological support for the elaboration of the Pla de Salut de Catalunya 2021-2025

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Scope: HealthCategories: planificació estratègica


The General Directorate of Health Planning through the Health Plan Service begins the elaboration of the Health Plan of Catalonia 2021-2025. The elaboration of the Health Plan incorporates the report of assessment of the WHO of the 30 years of the plans of Health of Catalonia. The elaboration of the Plan begins just before the beginning of the pandemic and all the planning is affected by the irruption of the the Covid19 and by the lockdown.The plan must be carried out in a participatory manner, involving all health workers in the country, within a situation of health restrictions.The Plan must also address the health circumstances that Covid19 highlights while not neglecting relevant health aspects that go beyond the pandemic.


Online participation processes are promoted through qualitative surveys and virtual working groups to define the country’s health diagnosis. Specific information is collected to incorporate the impact of Covid19 into the Catalan health system.Through this data collection, strategic planning sessions are carried out with the General Directorate of Health Planning.From this analysis, the strategic lines of the Plan are defined, and a process of groups work is initiated aimed at defining the strategic objectives of the plan with key agents of the health system (Department of Health, Department of the Environment, Department of Social Rights). Finally, a beta document of the Health Plan is drawn up, structured in two main blocks: the diagnosis and the Strategic Plan.

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