Barcelona District’s Mental Health Boards

Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Citizenship Participation, Mental Health

In 2016 the Mental Health Plan of the city was approved by the Barcelona City Council and the key agents in the sector. This Plan, which lasts for 6 years, contemplates mental health through a broad perspective, that is to say, paying attention to the protection and promotion of well-being such as the social determinants of health, psychological distress or the treatment itself of mental disorders. The city mental health board, made up of all the key agents of the sector, is the governance body that is leading the entire Plan.

In order to operate the different lines of action of the Mental Health Plan as well as to articulate the different agents of the territory, the mental health operative tables are created for each of the ten districts of the city. From Spora the technical secretariat is made to take advantage of the opportunities of the territory as well as to articulate actions that respond to the objectives of the Plan.