Makeing a better national health system (25 years of the Catalan Health System)

Scope: HealthCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, Participació


CatSalut and the Department of Health, within the framework of the 25 years of the Catalan Health Service, want to collect the vision of the future that the different professionals that are part of. What national health system in Catalonia should we have in 10 years?

In order to collect and organize this vision, it will be structured in 4 thematic areas:

  1. Community and intersectoral intervention.
  2. Mental health: community care and social recovery and recovery.
  3. Network services
  4. Participation.


Based on these four thematic axes, a series of workshops will be carried out with health professionals from all over Catalonia to develop this global vision of the Catalan national health system. The assessments and opinions of all the participants will be collected to prepare the contents about the future of the National Health System of Catalonia.

The final product is a report that summarizes the global vision of professional people on the prospection of the Catalan Health Service.