Local Action Plan for Gender Equality in Salou (2015-2019)

Scope: GenderCategories: intersectoral coordination, Citizenship Participation, Local development plans, Transversalització

Salou (Catalonia, Spain) has a new Local Action Plan for Gender Equality, which has been developed with the methodological support of Spora. That new Gender Equality Plan seeks to intervene on inequalities between men and women in the municipality through different strategies:

  • Increase knowledge about the factors of inequality between men and women.
  • Strengthen policies that aim to reduce inequalities and empowering women as social, political and economic active agents.
  • Promote egalitarian relationships through new models of femininity and masculinity.
  • Gender mainstreaming, through the incorporation of a gender perspective into all policies and municipal areas.

The development of the new Local Action Plan for Gender Equality has followed a qualitative and participatory methodological approach that has led to two distinct products:

  • Diagnosis (Phase 1): The diagnosis of a qualitative analysis of the needs of women and gender policies developed in the municipality.
  • Local Action Plan for Gender Equality (Phase 2): The Local Action Plan has been developed through the creation of the Equality Commission, composed of 24 professionals from the local administration and other public services and organizations in the municipality, to develop action proposals following different intervention strategic lines.

The participatory approach of the new plan guarantees the coherence of the proposals and actions linked to the region needs, and ensure their viability through the municipal technical commitment. At the same time, the Action Plan has been validated and has the support of a Political Committee that oversees its implementation.