Lessons learned during confinement and confinement

Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: intersectoral coordination, Mental Health


Continuing to attend to people from the entities and services of the Mental Health Board of the Barcelona districts during the pandemic has meant facing a new challenge. Being able to be by the side of people, being able to work with colleagues and teammates or coordinate with other entities without being able to face it or with contact. Working during the pandemic and maintaining health security measures has meant facing situations of risk, pressure, intensity and a lot of uncertainty.


The teams and the Entities have made an effort to be able to continue developing on the goals, maintaining a super job of caring for people or coordination with other entities of the network in the midst of the pandemic. This effort has led to the emergence of learning or new practices that have made it possible to face or overcome some of the limitations of confinement and distrust.

This report is a compilation of lessons learned by the entities and services of the Mental Health Board of the Barcelona districts. The data collected has been systematized and grouped into lessons learned about caring for people in a pandemic context and lessons learned about work and the services organization.