Itineraris 360: Intersectoriality in Terrassa

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Scope: HealthCategories: intersectoral coordination


In recent years, public administrations have been assuming the need to improve their capacity for intersectoral work. How can we overcome the inertia of sectoriality in municipal work? In what way can we promote collaborative work, networking, between different areas of work with common objectives?


Itineraries 360 is a method specifically created to promote the intersectoriality related to Health in the City of Terrassa. The objectives of the Itineraries 360 method are:

  1. Improve the channels and strategies for obtaining, exchanging and disseminating information related to health in the municipality, both among the services of the City Council and with the citizens of Terrassa.
  2. Increase networking and collaborative relationships between areas of the City Council to improve efficiency in the coordination and management of existing resources.
  3. Promote and facilitate the development of intersectoral initiatives that respond to detected needs and significantly impact the health of the citizens of Terrassa.