Intercultural Action Plan for the Ciutat Vella District of Barcelona

Scope: Ciutat, Rights and diversityCategories: planificació estratègica


The Commissioner for Intercultural Dialogue and Religious Pluralism proposes the need for an Intercultural Programme in the Ciutat Vella District, which allows the intercultural approach of the city of Barcelona to become a reality. This approach can be summarised in 3 guiding principles: equal rights and equality and non-discrimination, recognition of diversity and positive interaction and intercultural dialogue. These principles are intended to frame the intercultural outlook of the city, together with the feeling of belonging and the promotion of diverse participation.


In order to respond, Spora developed and implemented a collaborative work methodology that incorporates the different agents involved in the district throughout the process: the municipal technical body (Service Directors, Neighbourhood Technicians, transversal, responsible for facilities), bodies, councils and commissions, district entities and other social agents considered key. Based on this methodology, Spora drew up the District Intercultural Action Plan to respond to the challenges prioritised by the agents involved in the process, with thematic axes, objectives, proposals and a first approximation to the evaluation indicators for each defined objective.

Photo by Pere Jurado