Integral Plan against Gender based Violence of El Prat de Llobregat

Presentació Circuit
Scope: GenderCategories: intersectoral coordination, planificació estratègica, violència masclista


El Prat de Llobregat is one of the pioneer municipalities intervening male violence against women and elaborating public policies to face it. Despite the fact that the municipality has a protocol and action circuit that brings together the agents involved in dealing with this type of situation, in 2016 the City Council identified the need to establish a common framework of action.


In order to elaborate this common frame of action it has been necessary, in the first place, to carry out a diagnosis on the current situation using the approach of sexist violence. The diagnosis aimed to identify the different agents that intervene and the type of intervention they carry out, identify dysfunctions in the coordination between different services or resources, as well as opportunities to optimize and improve intervention of those situations.

Once this diagnosis was made, a participatory process was initiated to elaborate a Comprehensive City Plan against male violence. In this context, a reference framework for action agreed upon by all agents involved was drawn up. Additionally, strategic lines were designed to organize the actions in a coherent manner and improve the quality and effectiveness of the interventions against male violence. At a result, the Plan included a prioritization and calendarization of actions at medium, short and long term.