Inclusion of the gender perspective in the Barcelona Sants station expansion and improvement project

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Scope: Ciutat, GenderCategories: Gender, Citizenship Participation, Urban Planning


In the context of the project for the expansion and improvement of the Barcelona Sants station, with the aim of responding to both the railway needs and the needs of the new vision of the city, ADIF-High Speed ​​and the Barcelona City Council have designed a common strategy for the station growth project. In this, the inclusion of the gender perspective is an important engine of social transformation that fits into current social, urban and environmental policies. In order to guarantee the use and access to the Barcelona Sants station and its surroundings on an equal footing, the expansion project has the challenge of being analyzed from this perspective. This premise that supposes, on the one hand, making a diagnosis that is not blind to the daily practices and the specific needs of women in relation to the station and its surroundings and, on the other, identifying possibilities for improvement to better integrate the perspective of gender in the design of the proposal.


A diagnosis has been carried out to identify the physical, social and functional aspects that influence the daily life of women, detecting the elements that affect their relationship with the space of the Sants station and its surroundings. This process has been carried out through a methodology inspired by a qualitative and participatory approach, allowing a detailed understanding of the perceptions, evaluations and experiences of women and involving them in the process. This approach promote their joint responsibility and the transversality of gender equality policies in their collective definition.