Heath diagnosis Olesa de Montserrat

Scope: HealthCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, intersectoral coordination, Citizenship Participation, Local development plans


With the objective of developing the Local Health Plan, Olesa de Montserrat wants to identify what are the main needs and assets of the municipality in order to develop improvement actions that make the municipality a healthier environment.


A profile of Health or diagnosis of the state of health of the municipality is analyzed in which the key elements of the determinants of health are analyzed: individual lifestyles, social and community networks, living and working conditions and the environmental environment .

To carry out the diagnosis, a documentary analysis of secondary data obtained from municipal sources (memories, other plans, etc.) and supra-municipal (Report of Indicators of the Provincial Government, Survey of Health of Catalonia of the Generalitat, etc.) is carried out.

To complete the analysis of health, they have been collected and analyzed specifically for the elaboration of this document: 3 Group interviews with key agents of the municipality, 3 focal groups in different population groups, 3 group interviews with technicians from the City Hall.

The health profile includes data on: General characteristics of the population, Natural environment, Housing, Environmental variables, Occupation, Education, Social participation, Physical activity, Food, Substance consumption and general data on the state of health (mortality, sexual health, weight, mental health, etc.)

The diagnostic analysis carried out has allowed to obtain a second document of bases that includes:     

  • Extraction of the main conclusions in the form of a battery of needs.     +
  • Preparation of a preliminary proposal of strategic axes of action.     
  • Extraction of a preliminary proposal of actions for each of the axes of action.