Health Local Plan of Cambrils

Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: intersectoral coordination, Citizenship Participation, planificació estratègica, Local development plans


The definition of health has evolved over the years from being understood as a state of freedom from disease to include physical, mental and social well-being. It is now known that health is conditioned by multiple economic, environmental, cultural, social and political determinants, known as the “social determinants of health”. Given that health-related problems depend on multiple factors, the solution cannot only be to increase health services, but also to involve other sectors in public health policies. From this perspective, local administrations play a key role in the prevention, promotion and protection of health.

For this reason, Cambrils Town Council has decided to promote a Local Health Plan to analyse the health situation in the municipality and organise the process to be followed in order to make the municipality evolve towards an environment that respects and promotes health.


The Action Plan has been drawn up, a document that aims to define the objectives to be achieved in order to respond to the challenges detected, and to specify which actions and methodologies will be appropriate to achieve them. To this end, a prioritisation of the needs detected has been carried out by citizens and technicians, and intersectoral working sessions have been held.

Finally, the document systematises the actions to be carried out in the area of health in the coming 5 years, from an intersectoral perspective and working towards equity in health.

Photo by Quiet Studio on Unsplash