Transsexual women, sexual work and job placement. Evaluation of a job placement program

Scope: GenderCategories: Gender, Research & Evaluación, Transsexualitat

The Barcelona City Council, through the Agència ABITS, develops and finances various programs aimed at the population of transgender women engaged in sex work. The Spora team has conducted an evaluation of one of these programs, specifically aimed at providing employment strategies for the placement on the ordinary job market of those women of this group who wish to participate.

The evaluation has been based on a qualitative deepening; this task also enabled an assessment of issues relating to the effectiveness and efficiency of the program, which have also provided important elements about the meaning of sex work and female transsexualism. These elements allow us to evaluate issues related to membership of this and other programs in terms of integration into the regular labor market of transgender women who exercise or have exercised sex work.