Evaluation of the Molins de Rei Local Health Plan

Project life cycle vector illustration
Scope: HealthCategories: Local development plans, Research & Evaluación


The City Council of Molins de Rei requests an evaluation of the Local Health Plan of Molins de Rei 2016-2020 to identify strengths and weaknesses of the work carried out during the 4 years of validity of the Plan and to supplement the quantitative data they already have.


From the application of the evaluation methodology of summative final judgments (or criteria) 4 evaluation sessions are carried out with key agents. In each of the sessions:

  • the difficulties and opportunities that arise in the course of the implementation of the Plan are identified,
  • the degree the actions have given answer to the existing needs is analyzed,
  • the level of implementation of the anticipated actions is analyzed,
  • the needs that, in the future, will require new actions that were not foreseen are identified.t

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