Equinotherapy Project’s Evaluation

Scope: HealthCategories: Exclusió social


One of the lines of work of the Nous Cims Foundation is the promotion of health. Within the framework of this, they carry out the Equinotherapy Program, aimed at enhancing the emotional and relational skills of young people at risk of social exclusion, based on Equinotherapy. The Nous Cims Foundation intends to evaluate the results of the intervention in order to assess the results of the project.


An evaluation is made of both the implementation and the results of the program. On the one hand, the evaluation of the implementation is an assessment of the extent to which the program has been deployed as planned, the coherence between it and the logical framework and the experiences and assessments made by the different agents involved

On the other hand, the evaluation of results provides evidence of the changes that the program has generated in young people. In order to be able to measure them, it is essential to be clear about the changes that are expected to be achieved.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash