Equality Plan of Salou City Council (2017-2021)

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Scope: GenderCategories: Pla Igualtat, planificació estratègica


Gender inequalities in the workplace occur both in the private sector and in the public. Public administrations have mechanisms to guarantee transparency and impartiality in the processes of personnel selection and better working conditions, but fail to eliminate structural inequalities associated with gender and situations of discrimination and harassment.

For this reason, the City Council of Salou plans to develop an Equality Plan that will allow to identify inequalities and discrimination, and establish a strategy to reverse them.


To develop the first Equality Plan of Salou City Council, a gender diagnosis has been carried out focusing on the following areas of analysis:

  • Institutional commitment
  • Use of language and inclusive communication
  • Distribution and representativeness of the personnel
  • Type of contract and remuneration
  • Personnel Selection and promotion, and training
  • Conciliation and co-responsibility
  • Work health and prevention of sex-based and sexual harassment

Being able to identify situations of inequality and discrimination is the first step to reverse them. Based on the results of the Diagnosis, a set of actions to implement in the period 2017-2021 have been proposed to respond to these needs.

Within the framework of this Plan, the Protocol for the prevention of sex-based and sexual harassment of the City Council has also been elaborated and a training of gender inequalities has been carried out for all municipal staff.