Equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace

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Scope: GenderCategories: igualtat de gènere, Sensibilització

Equality Plans represent a tool enabling to identify gender inequalities in an organization and to plan actions to reverse these situations. In city councils and companies with many workers, it is important to make this tool known to all employees. In this sense, it is also important to explain which is the gender equality situation on the organization. Often, however, data does not explain itself and must be accompanied by some notions that help to understand the context. In addition, it is necessary to understand the key concepts that explain work gender inequalities, such as sexual division of labour, horizontal segregation, vertical segregation or salary gap.

For this reason, when developing Salou City Council’s Equality Plan, it was proposed to elaborate an awareness leaflet to disseminate, quickly and directly, what was the situation inside the city council. This is the result:


This leaflet resulted from the collaboration between Spora, content development, and Odile Carabantes (StudioMoaré), illustration, design and layout.