Elder abuse: factors involved, trigged factors and associated variables

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Scope: Rights and diversityCategories: Elderly, Mistreatment


Despite the efforts of the administrations, there is still a lack of knowledge about the situations of mistreatment of the elderly, as well as tools and strategies to face them. Which elements are unknown and require more research to understand this phenomenon and improve its detection and subsequent intervention? After a few years of implementation of the Protocol of action against elder abuse in Barcelona, ​​the Barcelona City Council plans to answer these questions.


Through the creation of an improvement team of 9 experts:
– A map of key areas has been drawn up that includes the parameters that should be taken into account when assessing the cases of mistreatment with respect to: the elderly person, the abusive person, the availability of resources, the relational context and family, and also structural factors.
– It has been concluded that the relational and family context of the abused older person has been little explored. For this reason, the improvement team has developed parameters to assess this context, which have allowed to identify other situations in which abuse emerges.

Finally, the document establishes the bases for a future applied research in the area of ​​mistreatment, where the results of the work carried out must be corroborated.