Eixample Intercultural Programe

Scope: Ciutat, Rights and diversityCategories: intersectoral coordination, Cultura, interculturalitat, Transversalització


The city of Barcelona has the Barcelona Interculturality Plan, which takes as guiding principles the equality of rights and opportunities, the recognition of diversity and interaction and intercultural dialogue. The Eixample District considers the need to develop an intercultural program that translates the principles and objectives of the interculturality plan of the city in its work spaces, services and resources.


Responding to the social context and the moment of the intercultural process in which the city of Barcelona and the Eixample District are currently immersed, we considered that it was necessary to extend these principles, to reflect a new conceptualization of cultural diversity and the purpose of the program.
The new Interculturality Program of the Eixample District is aimed at all citizens with the will to build a city more respectful of cultural and religious diversity.