Drugs and Screens Plan of Granollers

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Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Drogues, Pantalles, planificació estratègica, Local development plans


Granollers City Council wants to know the situation of substance consumption and use of screens in its municipality in order to draw up an Action Plan.

Local drug and screen plans and screens are a basic tool for planning and promoting intersectoral policies aimed at improving the quality of life and modulating the impact of substance use and the use of screens among the population. In this sense, municipalities have the possibility and the responsibility to promote this type of policy.

Therefore, drug and screen plans must be key instruments to order and enhance the resources that already exist in the city and also to promote the deployment of devices or actions that respond to unmet needs, taking into account the circumstances that they place certain people, families or social groups in more fragile and vulnerable positions.


A Drugs and Screens Plan is drawn up in order to bring together all the preventive and risk reduction actions that are deployed at the local level, whether of a universal, selective, indicated or determined nature.

For this reason, a participatory and intersectoral work methodology is used, which incorporates the citizens and the municipal technical body. This process is organized in two main phases:

  • First, a diagnosis is made, in which an analysis of the situation of substance use and the use of screens in the municipality is carried out. This first phase is developed by combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies in order to obtain a thorough knowledge of the different areas related to the consumption of substances and the use of screens and to identify their needs. On the one hand, a questionnaire is designed and administered to the young population between 14 and 18 years old. In addition, discussion groups are conducted with young people and professionals from the municipality linked to substance use and the use of screens are interviewed.
  • Second, a plan is drawn up, which defines the lines of action to be taken in order to respond to the needs detected. This second phase results in the Action Plan, which organizes the strategic objectives, actions and methodologies appropriate to achieve them. Finally, a monitoring and evaluation system is designed to determine the degree to which the objectives have been achieved.

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