Participatory diagnosis of the collecting and cleaning services of Mataró (Barcelona)

Scope: CiutatCategories: Citizenship Participation

Cleaning the streets and beaches as well as waste collection are two services developed by the City of Mataró that affect the whole citizenship of the town in a very relevant way. There are some aspects that depend both on the habits of the population and on the public services type of management: If the streets are dirty or clean, if the containers are too full or too empty, if the residues are well separated.

It is necessary to redesign the criteria that should guide the deployment of collection and cleaning services. Thus, a participatory methodology is developed to enhance the knowledge, recognition and involvement of citizens in cleaning and waste collection in the city.

In order to strengthen technical diagnostic services and to support the decision making process of the new cleaning and collection scenarios, a participatory assessment has been developed based on active and committed collaboration of the local world in identifying the most relevant aspects of the current collection and cleaning services. Knowing what are the main concerns of all citizens allows triangulating these data with those obtained from the technical report, so that new services meet both purely technical aspects as to the needs expressed by citizens.