Designing the monitoring, evaluation and learning framework for the Xeix project: trade and interculturality in the Eixample District

Scope: Ciutat, EconomiesCategories: Comerç, interculturalitat, planificació estratègica, Research & Evaluación


Xeix is a project created in 2012 with the aim of promoting the inclusion of merchants from diverse cultural backgrounds into the commercial associative network of Fort Pienc (Barcelona). Between 2012 and 2017, the project became a key piece of commercial promotion in the neighborhood, widened its activities to ​​community action and transferred its experience to the Sant Antoni neighborhood. This territorial expansion and scope of action, evidenced at the beginning of 2018 two important challenges: a need to rethink the objectives and structure of the project, and the will to collect and measure someway a valuable but extremely subtle transformation.


With this double purpose its team got in touch with Spora Sinergies, and together we started the process of re-planning the Xeix. Rethinking a project implies putting all the cards on the table: what is being done and what is not, what works and what does not, the expected outcomes and the real outcomes… It implies a critical, realistic and strategic analysis of the program theory, the previous experience and the own capacities and resources. A complex conceptual process but really rewarding when the project is organized, the intervention strengthened and the project team empowered. And all this was only the first part! Once the project was re-planned, we could proceed to design a monitoring, evaluation and learning system that would systematize all the actions carried out within the framework of the Xeix, and its outcomes. Designing indicators to measure transformations such as the creation of networks between people from different cultural backgrounds, the co-production of activities or the intercultural perspective of cultural and commercial programming was a truly enriching challenge for all of us!