Decalogue of Criteria for the Territorialisation of Interculturality, BCNAntirumors Network

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Scope: Rights and diversityCategories: Training, interculturalitat, Participació


The proposal to initiate this project arises from the need of the entities of the territorial dynamization group of the Anitumors Network of Barcelona to have a training tool for intercultural and intersectional work, very focused on the specific contexts of the neighbourhoods, as well as to open a space for accompanying the projects that are being carried out. The aim is to reflect on the projects themselves, seeing what works and what needs to be improved and rethinking methodologies and theory to adapt them to the specific needs of the entities and services and the contexts where they work.


Spora dynamizes the final phase of systematisation of the results of the process and elaborates the Decalogue of criteria for the territorialisation of interculturality. This document aims to provide tools to facilitate the interventions and actions of technicians and different agents working in the city’s neighbourhoods. Far from providing formulas or proposing replicable good practices, it proposes a series of questions and issues to be considered when implementing intercultural action.