Co-design of an intervention to fight against stigma in the health care network

Scope: Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, Mental Health

Stigma and discrimination in mental health are a social scourge. In Catalonia, 80% of people with mental disorders indicate that they have been treated unfairly in some area of ​​their lives (social, work or health) due to having or having had a mental disorder.

Thus, stigma and discrimination are also manifested in the healthcare network, generating, in this way, a loss of rights and a serious concern for people who have or have had a mental disorder.

  • One in four people with mental disorders has been found to be unjustly treated by their mental disorder when they visited the primary care center (24.9%) and this treatment has been quite or very frequent in one in 10 people.
  • 40,6% of those with mental disorders claim to have been unfairly treated at some time in at least one mental health network service. 19.5% have been fairly or very frequently.


Two co-design workshops are held with the different key agents in the health network to create a fight against stigma in the primary health care network and in the mental health network. The final product of the two workshops is an intervention project that unfolds different actions that have the characteristic of being created taking into account the different points of view of the different professional figures in the healthcare network and people with mental disorders who receive the treatments. In the workshops there is a methodological work aimed at operating an action to combat stigma aligning all the agents involved.