Map of Barcelona services for victims of hate crimes

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Scope: Ciutat, Rights and diversityCategories: Gender, Immigration, LGBTI, Mistreatment, Pobresa urbana, Research & Evaluación, Transsexualitat

Most of the hate crimes are not reported or persecuted. Victims often do not recognized themselves as such and, therefore, do not access the mechanisms for their protection and reparation. With this guide, we want to make it easier for the people attacked to know where to go in order to receive the necessary attention.

By clicking here you will find a catalog of services for victims of hate crimes and discrimination offered by civil society entities and administrations in the city of Barcelona. Various types of services are collected to cover the rights of these people and their basic needs. Likewise, the specificities of the services are indicated in terms of both the specific groups to which they are addressed as well as the type of cases they deal with.

This catalog has been prepared by Spora Sinergies and IDHC, with the collaboration of SOS Racisme and the financing of the Barcelona City Council, within the framework of the study on Hate Crimes and Discrimination in Barcelona.

Type of service:

Identify the rights that may be infringed.
Woman basic information on the existing resources available to the person and on the legal and institutional framework.

It offers the person a safe space and services to cover fundamental rights (housing, food, etc.)

It offers legal assistance and guidance. It can include legal representation.

Offers an accompaniment to restore integrity of people and their social network.

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