Shared Parenting Groups and Parenting Homes in the city of Barcelona

Scope: Ciutat, EconomiesCategories: Cooperativismo, Economía del Cuidado, Educación, Infancia y Juventud, Investigación y evaluación

Spora Sinergies and IActa Sociojuríca have jointly made the Juridical Study on Shared Parenting Groups and Parenting Homes in the city of Barcelona , commissioned by Barcelona Activa. This study approaches to these two emerging models of childcare from different perspectives. The operational objective of the study is to guide the response and the support of the municipal administration to the increase of this kind of projects in Barcelona. The result comes from a participatory process with almost thirty projects and the main institutional actors.

The study helps to define the models themselves, their characteristics, their operation, as well as the daily problems and the main contributions they make to the general interest. On the other hand, it contains a legal approach to the regulatory frameworks of different territories (state, regions and municipality) regarding early childhood education; and likewise, it looks through the main analogous figures existing in other countries and regions. Lastly, the study presents a set of proposals and challenges of regulation and action that should be attended by the City Council of Barcelona. Those contribute to a consolidation of these projects as complementary to the municipal resources for childhood.