Evaluation and system of indicators of the Rossinyol Barcelona mentoring program

Rossinyol barcelona
Scope: EconomiesCategories: Educació, Infancia y Juventud, interculturalitat


How can projects know social transformations the results of which are complex and difficult to measure? How can we evaluate a program that promotes social and cultural cohesion working with different actors and generating multiple impacts? Rossinyol Barcelona (mentoring program between volunteer university students and preadolescent boys and girls) considers how to evaluate its functioning and to overcome the difficulties to measure those transformations experienced by the project members and their environment.


We have worked together with all the actors in the project -students, mentors, families, schools, universities and professional technicians- to:

  • Analyze and evaluate each of the phases of the program and thus rethink and rework their objectives.
  • Design a system of shared verification indicators and tools that will allow continuous monitoring of the program

This methodology has reinforced the program, by including new proposals and recommendations to update it to the current social reality. 12 interviews and 7 focus groups have been carried out with a total of 49 participants.