Modelling and evaluation of the Zing Programme

Scope: EconomiesCategories: Research & Evaluación


Since 2015, the Nous Cims Foundation has been promoting the Zing program with the aim of responding to the difficulty of accessing training for young people at risk of social exclusion that prevents them from breaking the cycle of poverty. Since then, the program has only grown, going from 40 scholarships to more than 800; as well as incorporating new services that contribute to the employability of young people. In this context, the Nous Cims team raises the need to consolidate the program, operationalizing the actions carried out and evaluating its operation and results.


To respond, Spora is promoting a two-year support process with a triple goal. First, we work to model the Zing Program, through the design of a theory of change, which illustrates the process of change that is expected to be generated in the target population from the interventions. Second, based on the Theory of Change, an evaluation of the results and the implementation is developed using a mixed qualitative and quantitative methodology. Finally, he accompanies the Zing team in designing a monitoring system, which should allow to know the operation of the program over the coming years.

Photo by Daniel Stuben. on Unsplash