Castellbisbal Health Diagnosis

Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Atenció Primària i Salut Comunitària, intersectoral coordination, Citizenship Participation, Local development plans


The definition of health has been changing over the years. While, at first, health was understood as the absence of illness, nowadays it considers physical, mental and social well-being. This health understanding entails accounting for multiple factors beyond biological ones, such as economic, social, cultural, environmental and politic factors. These circumstances in which people live determine their health and are known as “social determinant of health”. This global perspective of health represents a challenge for local administrations that have to consider numerous variables to be able to plan actions for ameliorating population’s health.

Castellbisbal has been organizing multiple actions around health and is now concerned to be aware of the current municipality’s health status as well as the needs of the population connected to the social determinants of health. Therefore, a diagnosis of the health status and the social determinants of health is requested. The main goal of it is to comprehend the reality of Castellbisbal in order to develop a Health Local Plan establishing strategic actions to ameliorate the security and the health of the municipality.


To answer this challenge, a Health Diagnosis of Castellbisbal is developed. This document analyzes habits and lifestyles, social and community networks, life conditions and health situation. Considering this broad understanding of health, the process of creating the diagnosis has been intersectoral and participatory. Therefore, work sessions with experts of the different technical areas of the City Council have been undertaken as well as work sessions with health stakeholders. In addition, citizenship has also been consulted via sessions and on-line questionnaires, focusing especially on groups in situations of health inequality.