Carrefour-Feuilles (Port au Prince, Haiti): Participatory urban planning

Scope: CiutatCategories: Citizenship Participation

Spora begins its work in Haiti with a new project: “Aménagement Urbain de Carrefour-Feuilles.” It is focused on the urban planning of Carrefour-Feuilles, developped through participatory approaches and with the active involvement of its residents, neighbors, local associations and other stakeholders.

The role of the beneficiaries in the very design of those social projects and public policies that affect them is central to building strong communities, which are responsible for their own present and future. With this premise in front, Spora puts itself into action, activating its knowledge and experience in participatory and qualitative methodologies in order to serve the local population. To this end we deploy a team formed, on the one hand, by local professionals with deep knowledge in the field, and secondly, by international professionals with solid experience in this type of participatory interventions.

Carrefour-Feuilles from Spora Films on Vimeo.

The project is developed in partnership with a firm from Spain and another from Haiti, both of them experts in architecture and engineering. We add a big dose of energy and concentration to all of it. We have a great new challenge in front of us: the development of an extremely necessary project with a very interesting approach.