Care for women in situations of gender-based violence, problematic use of substances and/or mental health problems

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Scope: Gender, Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Drugs and Addictions, Mental Health, violència masclista

Women who suffer from situations of gender-based violence can, at the same time, be substance users and / or suffer from mental health problems. This intersection of phenomena causes women to be victims of gender-based violence who are users of XAD services, as well as the mental health network.

Problem substance use and mental health disorders are often exclusionary criteria for women’s access to specialized resources in gender-based violence. In turn, the resources specialized in Mental Health and the XAD have limitations when it comes to intervening about gender-based violence. Therefore, to know the operation of these resources for the care of women in situations of gender-based violence who have a problematic substance use and / or a mental health problem, as well as coordination and networking strategies. among the different services it is essential to promote proposals for improvement.

Thus, the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya wanted to know how this care is provided and what situations may be hindering access to services or adequate care by services specializing in mental health, gender-based violence and care to drug addictions.