Barcelona’s Mental Health Plan (2023-2030)

Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Participació, planificació estratègica, Mental Health


In 2016, Barcelona launched its first Mental Health Plan, becoming one of the leading cities in defining public mental health policies for its citizens.

This first Plan ends in 2022 and a new plan must be drawn up that adapts to the new mental health needs that the city must face in this decade.

This task must be carried out in a participative way, with all the agents of the city while promoting the continuity of the policies already started and incorporating new ones to continue responding to the city’s challenges.


The Mental Health Plan is an organizational structure, is Barcelona’s mental health governance model that allows the planning of the city’s policies to improve the well-being and mental health of citizens.

Along the same lines, the mental health plan provides the city with a structure that allows it to face the mental health challenges that may affect its citizens, as has been the case with the pandemic.

The Mental Health Plan 2023-2030 shows the balance of the first plan and thus kills its reference and signals the future challenges to which its action aims.

David Sola photo