Scope: Gender, Rights and diversityCategories: Immigration, interculturalitat


The ANNISA Project, formerly called the SAHA Project, was resumed in 2014 with the aim of normalizing the participation of the Catalan community of Pakistani origin in the Besòs District, in the Sant Martí District, promoting spaces for positive interaction with other people from the neighborhood of diverse cultural origins and connecting the community with the resources of the neighborhood.

The Directorate of Immigration and Intercultural Services of the City Council of Barcelona perceives that the Annisa Program has a team and resources with a lot of work capacity, and an important capacity for impact on the Pakistani community, and proposes to Spora Sinergies a consultancy to redefine the program’s work plan for the coming years and optimize the transformative potential of this initiative.


Prepare the new Annisa Program Work Plan for the period 2017-2019, with the specific objectives:

1. Analyze and review the current functioning of the Annisa Program: its Objectives, Structure and Roles, Methods and Work Tools, Planning, Activities and Evaluation system.
2. Know the opinions, evaluations and proposals about the Annisa Program by its key agents.
3. Design a new strategic planning of the Annisa Program adapted to the current needs and challenges of the community and connected with the objectives and expected results at the municipal level.