Analysis of the mental health situation during Covid-19 and the lockdown in Barcelona

TSM covid-19
Scope: Ciutat, HealthCategories: Citizenship Participation, Mental Health


In recent months, the arrival of Covid-19 to Spain and the lockdown measures applied by the government have changed the lives of many people. This exceptional situation affects especially the population’s mental health.

In Barcelona, a city’s Mental Health Plan was approved in 2016 by the City Council and different stakeholders of the sector. In order to implement the plan’s lines of action as well as to articulate the different agents of the territory, Taules de Salut Mental (TSM) -Mental Health Boards- were created for each of the ten districts of the city.

These boards and people participating in them represent key elements to know what the situation is in the current context. Therefore, it is proposed to analyze the situation of population’s mental health in the city of Barcelona, ​​through the assessments of the members of the TSM. Specifically, the members of the TSM of the districts of Ciutat Vella, Sant Andreu, Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris i Sant Martí and Sants-Montjuïc.

What are the problematic situations arising from Covid-19 and the lockdown detected by the members of the Mental Health Boards in the city of Barcelona?


The value of this first approach lies in the fact that it has been developed together between the different TSM. It exposes the problems arising from the lockdown by Covid-19 that the members of the TSM have perceived in their districts. Thus, it represents a first picture of the present situation from which to continue working.

The report has been elaborated based on the answers collected from a questionnaire, in which members of the TSM have expressed their perceptions, experiences and knowledge about the problems they have detected during the lockdown and problems they anticipate that may take place during the post-lockdown.

Data collected has been systematized and grouped into common themes to shape the report. The first section deals with the problems detected during the lockdown situation:

  • Covid-19 and contagion
  • The impact of death and grief during lockdown
  • Situations linked to lockdown
  • Effects of the lockdown on people with mental health problems and/or addictions
  • Psychosocial effects of uncertainty

In a second section, the problems that are expected to take place during the post-lockdown situation are set out:

  • Socio-economic impact
  • Death and mourning
  • Increased mental health issues and addictions
  • The lockdown-easing

In addition, both sections include the challenges of professional intervention that arose during the lockdown situation and the challenges that are expected during the post-lockdown situation.

Although the situations presented are not perpetual and immutable, as they may change and variate over the coming weeks and months, they set out a reference for thinking and defining actions to be implemented in the districts in from the constitution of virtual TSM’s commissions of work.