Analysis of the homeless people’s mental health needs in Barcelona

Scope: Ciutat, Health, Rights and diversityCategories: Mental Health, Sense llar


The fact of being in a homeless situation intersects with the fact of suffering a mental health problem. The life itineraries that can lead a person to a homeless situation can be linked to mental health problems. Or because mental health problems become a relevant element in a vulnerable situation linked to homelessness. Or, because being in a homeless situation means suffering and psychological discomfort that can trigger a mental disorder.

The mental health situations experienced by homeless people are very diverse. From very complex cases with serious mental health problems that require hospital admission, trauma due to impacted vital processes or cases with more adaptive disorders linked to situations of great socioeconomic vulnerability.


Identifying the mental health needs of homeless people allows interventions and services to be planned of specific circumstances such as mental health and homelessness. Spora produces a report in which the needs of homeless people are presented, the needs of care services for homeless people (both those of the social services network and those of the mental health network) and the needs between the different public institutions and the City Council departments that are involved in the elaboration of the city’s public policies.

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